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Water wells are complicated. Any time you combine liquid and electrical components, you’re bound to have some unique and complex issues arise. Some issues are simple to bypass on your own. Others require an expert touch. 

At Price Well & Pump, our job is to help you decipher the two: what you can handle independently, vs when to ask for help. For this WELL WATER BLOG, we’ll cover issues specific to the mountains of Western North Carolina: like frozen well pumps, hard water issues, cracked well casings, and more. 

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Five Common Problems with Water Pumps for Wells and How to Fix Them

At Price Well and Pump, we know how important it is for your water pump to work correctly. That’s why we have put together this article about the five most common problems associated with well pumps and the steps you need to take to fix them. In this article, we will discuss a wide variety of issues you could come in contact with during your water pump’s lifespan.

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The Secret Behind Every Successful Well Company

Have you ever wondered what differentiates successful well companies from their competitors? At Price Well & Pump Company, we’ve been around since the 70’s. With over 50 years under our belt, we feel well-equipped to tell others what’s made us succeed.

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Drill Rig digging a well in Western NC

Well Pump 101 for Homeowners

A well pump is an important piece of equipment for homeowners who have a well on their property. Learn about these pumps and the role they play for those living in Western North Carolina who have a well of their own!

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