There are many reasons to install a new water well. Are you building a new home? Did your previous water well run dry? Price Well & Pump Company is here solve your water woes.

We’ve been drilling wells for nearly fifty years. We know these local, mountain springs and the ebb and flow of your groundwater. We have the expertise to help you select the best possible location for well drilling success. We use all appropriate data based your land and surrounding areas to help you select the right spot the first time. We know drilling is expensive, so we pride ourselves on helping you keep your costs as low as possible, while delivering safe a safe and sustainable water source for the next fifteen to fifty years.

When drilling your residential well, there are some important factors Price Well & Pump will consider, keeping your well installation process as seamless and cost-effective as possible:

  • The location of your septic lines
  • The distance between the water table and drainage field
  • The flow direction of your groundwater
  • The type and denseness of soil on your property
  • The location of animal pens (on your property or nearby properties)
  • And lastly, we’ll search for the absence of large rocks


Are you ready to have a residential well installed in your property? Price Well & Pump has been serving Western North Carolina in Residential Well Drilling since 1972.

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