Well Cleaning and Rehabilitation: How to Restore Your Well’s Efficiency

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Proper maintenance for anything that keeps your home running smoothly is important no matter the function. For example, a washing machine that needs maintenance is usually a quick turnaround. Without it, your family would not have access to clean clothes on a regular basis. Your water well should be no different. Without it running, as efficiently as it should, you could run into some hiccups around the home that could not only be a nuisance, but also cause serious damage. 

We encourage our customers to inspect their wells regularly and perform routine maintenance, such as cleaning the screens or filters and removing debris that has accumulated. This inspection can happen one time a year, although we push for every six months. In order to restore the efficiency of your well, an annual well rehabilitation may be necessary depending on its condition.

If you were to suspect a problem in your water well there are many things professionals can do to help get it back up to speed. A licensed professional will know the exact areas to check, the different types of problems that are common, & how to solve an issue without causing you harm. This is especially important when things like water chlorination are involved.

Well Rehabilitation

What exactly does it mean to rehabilitate your well? Below you will read further into some of the ways professionals clean and restore your well back to it’s original functionality.

Rehabilitation involves a number of procedures designed to clean, repair and restore water wells to their original functionality. The methods used depend on the type of well, its condition and the specific problems that need to be addressed. One common method is chemical cleaning, which involves adding a special chemical solution to the well in order to dissolve any buildup or blockages that may have occurred over time. This process can also help remove debris from screens or filters, as well as help reduce corrosion and mineral deposits.

Another way to make sure your well is running smoothly is having the professional check to see if the PVC piping or grout around the connections are clean and free of any mold or mildew. New materials may be necessary if the existing ones are ineffective in keeping the water running through them safe, clean, and non-hazardous. 

In some cases, mechanical cleaning may be necessary. This usually involves using specialized equipment such as brushes and pumps to physically clean out the well casing and other components of the system that may have become blocked with debris or sediment. The type of mechanical tools employed are generally chosen based on the size and type of well, as well as its particular layout.

When it comes to well chlorination and shock treatments, we highly encourage that you use a licensed well contractor. Not only do these licensed contractors have the experience and expertise required to safely handle these potentially hazardous treatments, but they also understand what precautions need to be taken in order to protect your family from harm. Additionally, they will also make sure that the process is done correctly and in accordance with the local regulations, leaving you with no middle man or worry. It is also important to note that only licensed contractors should be used for chlorination or shock treatments. Attempting to do these procedures yourself can cause more harm than good, as you may not understand the complexities of the process or have access to the proper safety equipment.

Finally, if the well casing is damaged or deteriorating, it may need to be replaced in order to restore its efficiency. In this case, a professional should be consulted in order to determine the best course of action for restoring your well’s functionality.

Signs Your Well May Need Repairs

There are some sure signs that you may notice if your well needs a checkup. It’s important to know and understand what to look out for if or when the time comes to get it repaired.

One sign is an increase in sediment content in the water. If your water has become cloudy or discolored, this could be an indication of increased amounts of sediment entering from deeper layers of the aquifer. Additionally, if there is a metallic taste or smell to the water, this might indicate corrosion in the pump system and should be addressed as soon as possible.

If your water has started to change in taste, some homeowners might think an easy fix is to install a water filtration system. Although these systems can help reduce the amount of some waterborne pathogens and water contaminations, it does not negate all bacteria and other contaminants. A quality filter is a good choice when fixing the problem short term, but in the long run, a good well cleaning will be your best bet.

Another warning sign can be low pressure when using the faucets or showerheads. If the pressure drops off significantly for no apparent reason, this could indicate a problem with the pump system. Additionally, if there is an excess of water near the well itself, this can be indicative of a leak and should be investigated to address any potential damage to the surrounding environment as soon as possible.

By following these steps, you can help ensure that your well is running at its best and that the water supply it provides is of the highest quality. Well rehabilitation can be an important part of maintaining a healthy and efficient well system, so be sure to consider it if you are experiencing any type of issue with your well. With proper maintenance, your well should last for many years to come.

We at Price Well and Pump are here for you and your home whenever you need us. We will give you our honest and professional advice on how to tackle these issues once and for all. Give us a call today if you suspect your water well may be causing you and your family harm. One of our detail oriented maintenance professionals will be at your home as soon as possible to get your problems solved fast. 

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