Have you met Judy?
She's the Owner of Price Well & Pump Company.

Did you know Price Well & Pump Company is a WOMAN-OWNED Business? Meet Judy Price Brookshire—the helm of our organization. Well drilling has been in her blood since the days of paper-bag lunches and ride-alongs with her dad.
But after growing up, Judy built her own professional path, outside of the family business. She worked as a paralegal, hustled as a working mom, a PTO Treasurer, a dance-mom, a ball-mom, and more. In the 90’s, Judy turned the page and jumped into the life insurance industry, working as a utility-player for Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. She managed most operations with experience in office management, recruitment, contracting, licensing, and sales.
In January of 2008, Joe Price, Judy’s daddy and owner of Price Well & Pump, became ill. Judy jumped right in to oversee the family business, just as her daddy had done for more than 35 years. And the rest is history!
Judy often says: “My Dad taught me to put one foot in front of the other, take a big breath… breathe in, breathe out…. and to NEVER say I couldn’t do it. I apply that every day that I continue to carry on his legacy, in the company he built.” Now, she watches her grandson—Ryker Joe—bring his paper-bag lunches to “work,” and all seems right with the world.

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