Tips for Keeping Your WNC Well Water Perfectly Balanced

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Water wells are more complex than just having a hole drilled in the ground to fill with water. If the water is going to be pumped into your home and used regularly, shouldn’t it matter what is sent into your home, appliances, and body? The quality of the water you have in your well is extremely important. Keep reading for some of the ways to ensure you have perfectly balanced well water for your home or business.

Why Test Your Well Water in Greater Asheville, NC?

  1. Heavy iron in your drinking water:
    There are certain ranges or conditions in which a water treatment system will perform. For example, is your well water naturally more acidic? Or, does it contain higher levels of iron? Many water neutralizing filtration systems fail to rid of iron (a common issue in Western North Carolina), if the water is acidic. To properly ensure quality well water in this situation, the water needs to be treated, thus counteracting the acidity of the water.
  2. Potential chemicals in your water supply:
    Another example would be having a well located near a chemically-heavy site. Think of homes closer to rural gas stations. Industrial and/or agricultural sites utilize chemical substances on a regular basis. If you believe you may live in a location like this, you should implement annual water testing. This will help ensure that their water does not become chemically contaminated and remains safe for everyone to drink.
  3. Animal pathogens seeping into groundwater:
    Are you in an area where nearby homes (or your home) have septic tanks and drainfields. Perhaps your neighboring properties have a lot of farmland and livestock. If, for example, you are living around cattle or horses, a bacteria test is recommended to ensure your drinking water has not been contaminated with heavy pathogens. Horse and cow manure can be great for fertilizing and farming, but many people do not realize that these livestock pathogens can be very detrimental if they come into contact with your well water and happen to contaminate it.

Residential Well Systems

It is critical to have a water analysis done when utilizing a well system. You want your residential well to supply your household. Regardless of the amount of people in your home, the truth is that the ones you love are under that roof! You care what goes into their bodies. Drinking water is certainly no exception. 

Commercial Well Systems

If we’re talking about a commercial well, an even higher quality of standards probably apply. Not only do you have NC and county standards to abide by, but you want to alleviate any liability. Potentially poisoning your workers, your customers, and/or others around your business site must have access to clean, properly filtered, drinking water. Your business sets examples every day to clients: a representation of your company, products and brand. So when you choose a contractor to install your well system and filter your drinking water, you’ll need to follow the “practice what you preach” mentality. 

You can find out more about private well water testing in North Carolina here:

Understanding How Well Water Pump Systems Work

The well pump is virtually the heart of your system. It transfers your water from the well and into your home or business. Most wells use a submersible pump to transfer water from the earth automatically. If the well is shallow, sometimes a jet pump is used. Additional well water systems actually hold the water in an encasement, called a holding tank, before it is pumped into the structure. Other well water pump systems are gravity fed, relying on gravity to assemble water pressure for the home, instead of using fuel or electricity. 

Understanding how your unique well system performs is helpful in choosing the best well water treatment system for your home or business. How the treatment system operates could affect the water pressure or flow rate of your well. 

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