When You Find Yourself in Despair, Know Who to Call for Well Pump Repair

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Did you know that our phone lines are always open for more than holes to drill and well systems to install? Pump and well service is not a seasonal operation. With inflation high and money tight, there’s a high demand for timely and cost-effective pump repairs. At Price Well & Pump, we have your back. We’re the gurus of proven, expert guidance in well pump repair!

WE ARE MORE THAN JUST WELL DRILLING. Well Pump Repairs Are Our Specialty!

Water is a necessity of life, and it’s our duty to ensure your well doesn’t run dry. We have assisted Western North Carolina in pump repair since 1972, so clearly this is not our first rodeo. We provide emergency well water repair services throughout Haywood, Jackson, Swain, Macon, and Buncombe Counties.

What Exactly is a Well Pump?

If you’re new to rural-living, you may be in the dark regarding how your water system works. If that’s the case, well pumps are the tool that pumps water from your well and into your house. Every home is different, and each home has its own well pump system (electrical, solar, submersive, etc.) to handle this process.

The well pump is virtually the heart of your well system. But, like any man made product, these items can show signs of wear and tear, or simply become faulty. Just like the fuel pump in your automobile, a well pump needs to be serviced, and can potentially fail. Some signs that your well pump may be ready to “bite the dust” are, but are not limited to:

  • A decrease in water pressure
  • Air spitting from the faucet
  • Loud noises (unusual or out of the ordinary)
  • Pumping sand or sediment
  • High electric bills
  • Water pump cycles on and off constantly
  • Experiencing air in the water supply

You Need Well Pump Repair… Now What?

If you find yourself in a situation like this, don’t fret! We understand circumstances are NEVER ideal when you’re slapped with a break-down, or are in need of a repair. Let’s face it—life is tough!  “I just got done paying for my child’s braces, and now this??”

Wouldn’t you rather call on the folks who show up when they promise, with an initiative to get your life back to normal? There’s so much else to worry about anyway, so why bother with an unproven well contractor?

Thank you Judy Price Brookshire for sending Price Well and Pump to our rescue today!! It’s no fun being without water! We had water again within 2 hours. I highly recommend Price Well and Pump!”

—Pamela D.

Price Well & Pump Always Puts Clients First.

So many times, when clients call, they express shock that they were able to reach a live person on the phone. With the nation’s staffing shortages, and businesses everywhere overwhelmed with their regular daily duties, customer service has taken a downhill turn. People (including our clients) are feeling overwhelmed. With Covid, flooding, and numerous other societal concerns, our local town is feeling the crunch. 

Amidst the chaos, the one constant for us has been the quality service we provide. That service starts with when we answer the phone. We realize that if we’re not there for you in your time of need, we would fail to have a business. Our clients are like our hometown neighbors, and your call to us is ALWAYS important. You matter.

So by all means, ring us up. We’ll take your call. We are grateful to the community for calling us for decades now, and that is never going to change! 

Is It Time to Reach Out and Alleviate Your Well Pump Despair?

Call Price Well and Pump if you find yourself in need of well pump repair. We’ll handle the dirty work, while you carry on with your daily life duties (that don’t stop just because of chaos). 

Whether you need a scheduled pump service, or are experiencing a well-water emergency, we’re ready and willing to help. We know that life loves to throw a curveball when least expected, so instead of forfeiting the rest of your day to focus on fixing a problem, let us take the mound on this one so you can still make your day the home run you hoped it would be! 

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